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Since the inception of this group, the Think Tank of Ojan Group, as an independent master mind and by eliminating any unnecessary formalities has openly and vigilantly focused on contemporary issues to produce intellectual products.
This is a like-minded group of creative multidisciplinary experts with high research spirit who involve in collective thinking to accomplish tasks entrusted by different sections of Ojan Group.
The outputs of the above think tank are regularly reviewed within defined time intervals after being practiced by such different sections and put into direct interaction with documentation and archive department of the group.
The latter department is entirely independent from administrative structure in terms of self-determination and agility paradigm.

Intra-Organizational Section

The intra-organizational behavior, as the echo of each and every operational syllable of an organization’s constituents, under every title and nature, finally transfers a content output. The highly conductive systems for transfer of message, if the source of such message is transparent, are the most uniform systems in arrangements, human capital and equipment.
The strong and weak points of a living system in confronting a fully robotic production line are its manpower; at times it is able to put into practice the system’s spirit in a working environment like talented, creative and dynamic elements, and sometimes undermine it by intellectual entanglements, even in details.
Since the start of business, Ojan Group initiated as a sharp-sighted onlooker in the intra-organizational section to find the bugs and energy wastes of the past by a multilateral vision, and then to present a novel intra-organizational proposal.

Study and Research Phase

This section, including sub-sections of morphology, intra-organizational field study, analysis of space and architecture, type indicating, preparing database forms of group members and … makes necessary arrangements for preparing intra-organizational proposal.

Training Department

In view of the importance of training and counseling in minimizing the intra-organizational friction, Ojan Group has set up its training department in three areas based on acquired expertise and experiences:
1- Psychology and sociology training/ consultation classes (why-create-a-process approach)
2- Intra-organizational taste training classes (introduction to aesthetics): Due to the importance of enhancing public taste and understanding beauty of art and3aesthetics in boosting creative and thinking power in each and every member of a group, Ojan conducts such courses in the organization.
3- Presentation classes: The concept of presentation as the final form for the energy spent and the work done is so important that could multiply the work value and bring about the peace to the operator as well as the observer and at times, it causes misunderstanding and lack of proper understanding about the output and result of activity. This is a turning point that Ojan Group produces and conducts training by translating concept of presentation into the output methods per zone of he group.

Extra- Organizational Section

Extra-organizational section as communication means of a group with the outside world, like stronghold of a city is even more relevant. Such relevance is due to its entrance-exit gate from which the product, content and mentality of group in question results and it receives the feedback on the one hand, and monitoring along with protecting the group’s foundation on the other.
The word “presentation” used for the accomplished task of the group in the extra-organizational section is regarded as an important keyword. How we can succeed to present all our power, technology and engineering capacity to the society? How we can manifest our point of distinction? How we can proclaim our smart organizational chart and our mentality without direct dialogue with each and every consumer of our services or products? How we can hear and consider their voices, demands and critics in our working process?
In the extra-organizational area, and by engineering the relevance of the project as well as by dynamic arrangement of sociologist, psychologist, analyzer to monitor the target group and society in study and research phase, Ojan Group has designed extra-organizational proposal and provides required grounds for project transfer to the next phases.

Promotion at Point of Sales

The contact point of services and products of a group with the society is the right point that nobody has doubt about it. A major part of promotional campaigns has its focus on this section.
Ojan Group, through moment by moment monitoring of points of sale in a time interval before, during and after receiving services and products, under the above-mentioned systematic planning, easily handles this area and strengthens the elements of the brand by a fully- automated approach and in line with the brand nature.
Obviously, any brand, any nature and any type of product requires its unique instruments and process in the section of advertisement policy design in the point of sales.
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