Graphics and Sculpture

All activities related to design, graphics, illustration, typography, calligraphy, modular and maquette making, sculpture as well as sampling of parts are carried out by this section.
Also, based on type of project, products such as visual identity of organization, billboard, packing, product cover, poster, logo, …could be considered as an agenda item of Ojan design department.

Visual Identity

A very importance section from visual point of view and in direct confrontation of society with any phenomenon that starts designing and implementing based on a detailed structure in the context of project’s promotional proposal.
This section lays the ground for all relevant designs in a way that it is a pre-requisite and forerunner of designs, arrangements, packing…

Graphics and Print

Giftpack Design

Label Design and Print


Rojin Branding Campaign
(TV teaser/Billboard) Winter 2017

Kambiz “Nastaliq Typography” Campaign
Winter 2017

Kambiz Billboard Campaign
Winter 2016

Izadshahr Complex Campaign
Sep. 2015

Organization Executive Unit

Based on what is incorporated in the extra-organizational proposal and according to calendar of the organization, some requirements could be considered by promotional executive unit every so often.
Ojan Group is creating this unit in the field of exhibition, design and implementation of exhibition stands and holding different ceremonies and events.


Design, Print and Distribution of

Ojan Travel Journal (Safar)

Ojan Journal (Safar) is published with a circulations of over 20,000 copies to introduce brands, businesses and business owners to its customers and clients.This magazine has been published since April 2015
The above journal is directly handed to the audience (travelers) in Beiyhaghi Park & Ride Terminal, while in the bus.
Features of Ojan Magazine (Safar):
– Distribution method of journals is determined by distribution group of Ojan Graphics Promotional Society.
– Introducing businesses, business owners to their audience.
– Special care in graphic design, publication and type of paper (glossy paper 80gr.)
– At least 3 to 4 hour/day, the journal is read by direct audience; and the interaction with audience and its high impact is manifested.
– Since two passenger companies of “Seir-o-Safar” and “Royal Safar” provide services to very remote areas of the country; therefore, this magazine is sent all over the country by passengers.
– The journal is free of charge for the audience.
– Informative subjects and entertainment content about tour and travel has doubled charm of the journal.

Design, Publication and Distribution of

Ojan Metro Magazine

Ojan Graphics promotional society has published the first metro technical journal in 2013 with unique features some of which are mentioned below:
The audience of this magazine are passengers of 15 Tehran Urban & Suburban Railway Stations, including 7 local subway lines.
Metro stations are: Qolhak, Shariati, Mirdamad, Beheshti, Hassan Abad, Tehranpars, Sar Sabz, Farhangsara, Elm-o-Sanat, Valie Asr Intersection, Enghelab Sq., Azadi Sq., Sadeghieh, Eram Sabz, Imam Hossein.
Features of Ojan Magazine (Metro):
– Circulation of 20,000 copies
– Monthly publication of Ojan Magazine (Metro)
– High quality design
– Harmony and discipline in well-managed and centralized distribution along with distribution supervisor
– Low number of promotional items to focus on advertisement by audience
– Specific size of advertisements
– Flexible distribution system from viewpoint of sponsor’s target market
– Daily distribution of Ojan Magazine for sponsor (in terms of time and place), one day prior to public distribution

Design, Publication and Distribution of

Kambiz Technical Journal

Ojan Graphics Promotional Society designed, published and distributed technical journal of Kambiz Food Industries in 2014 with promotional objectives with unique features, some of which are as follows:
The audience of this journal are households living in large residential complexes in various neighborhoods in Tehran.
Such neighborhoods include: Ekbatan Township, residential complexes of Chitgar Lake, Navab Complexes, Shahid Mahalati Township, OPG Township, Shahran region complexes, Nobonyad Complexes, Sadaf Township, Bu Ali Township, Kouye Faraz Complexes, Apadana Township, Bank Melli Township, Cheshmeh Township, Ozgol region township, Shahrak-e-Gharb complexes and …
Features of Kambiz Technical Journal:
– Circulation of 60,000 copies
– Monthly publication of journal
– High quality design
– Well-managed and centralized distribution system
– A4 size
– Flexible distribution system from viewpoint of sponsor’s target market
– Daily distribution of Ojan Magazine for sponsor (in terms of time and place), one day prior to public distribution
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