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Producing short promotional films about and for the group in various mediums is one of the tasks of this section.
In the field of photography, under two orientations of commercial photography and industrial photography, the visual needs of graphic section and archive section are met, in which photography is an example of such products, process and services.

T.V Teasers

Simultaneous Time-lapse Commercial Shooting Project

For instance, time-lapse project of Samsung brand building construction phases under contractual work of Hamghadam Construction Co.

Industrial Photography

Factory Photography

Social  Networks


Web Design


Relying on its several years of good service and record, part of which rooted in theatre, Ojan Group has experienced a variety of domains through which, it achieved theatrical production for promotion of “commercial theatre”.
This media has a special function in promoting brand due to its dramatic elements and falls into two content and technical categories:

Classification of commercial theatre in terms of technique:

– Commercial theatre in schools (age group 3-18)
– Street commercial theatre
– Indoor commercial theatre
– Invisible theatre: This is an intra-organizational undertaking, particularly related to sales department in which two actors, in an invisible manner, enter the organization and act in line with the concepts envisaged by the management of organization; they start communicating staff of the section and convey the messages indirectly.
– Organizing festival of daycare centers
– Theatrical sampling

Classification of commercial theatre in terms of content:

Production and consumption are two keywords on both sides of the same coin that builds the group of producing services or products and its target community. From this point of view, Ojan’s theatrical operation could be outlined as follows:


Theatre for promoting culture of production (organizational)
Theatre for promoting culture of production management (managers)


Theatre for promoting culture of consumption (future generation) Theatre at schools, indoor theatres…
Theater for promoting culture of consumption (present generation)
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